One of the most challenging aspects within our industry is the ability to accurately forecast product demand. The shifts in demand created by frequent and unpredictable up and down turns of the business cycle invariably impact the balance of supply and demand. This imbalance is further compounded by ever shorter design and life cycles of products, creating additional risk and uncertainty as new programs rapidly move in and out of production. As each player within the supply chain attempts to adjust to these many factors, inventory misalignments are often created. The end result is that companies inevitably end up with excess, obsolete, and slow moving inventories, both at the components and finished goods level, that adversely impacts their profitability and return on assets.

We specializes in electronics and tech components like hard drives, CPUs, capacitors, electrical devices, and computer components. While we help sell overstock inventory and do inventory liquidation, we do NOT handle clothing, food items, toys, kitchen accessories, etc.

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Send us a list of what is clogging your warehouse or undesired products and will put together a formal quote, we buy it, we ship it.